„Quality awareness thrives on differentiation“


Mission Statement

Only a realistic perspective and disciplined contextual thinking result in valuable decisions. Deeds must follow words! The demand is to perform on the best possible level in all walks of life to which we should feel an obligation with our personal potential. Quality awareness thrives on differentiation; high performance does not result from compromises.


Profile Dr. Frederik Habel
Name: Dr. Frederik Habel
Date of Birth: May 18th, 1970
Place of Birth: Göppingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
Confession: neutral
Marital Status: married, one Child
Residence: District Seefeld/Tirol (Austria)
Political Orientation: unaffiliated
Privat Interests: Music, Literature, Art and Culture

Professional Qualifications

Professional Qualifications Dr. Frederik Habel
1994 Professional Qualifications
1998 Diploma in musical instrument making (FH)
1999 Master in violin making
2003 Appraiser
2006 Conferral of a Doctorate


I attended primary school, a music high school and the artisan section of the free Waldorfschool in the administrative district of the city of Göppingen. Subsequently I trained as a violin maker at the state vocational school for violinmaking and fretted instrument makers in Mittenwald.

Following the above I studied a four year course in music instrument making at the vocational school for technics and economics in Zwickau. During my studies I already participated in specific research projects and composed numerous publications. My diploma thesis was dedicated to the topic: „string instruments in the antroposophical oriented behavement- and movement therapy.

After the successful completion of my studies, I obtained the master craftsman certificate of the violin making trade at the Chemnitz Chamber of handicraft and subsequently worked as a manager and member of the extended management board in one of the most important european musical instrument manufacturing and trading companies.

In the following years, I continued my studies in the same field and theme which formed the basis of my diploma thesis and I published numerous contributions to contemporary themes of this specialised field and also an updated and extended version of my diploma thesis as a specialist textbook.

Later on, I also completed a training course in Dortmund as an expert appraiser. In addition, I joined the philosophical faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislavia to complete my doctorate. The theme of my doctoral dissertation: „Utilisation of antroposophical musical pedagogic therapy methods with specific consideration of string instruments whose construction characteristics are based on humanistic principles of anthroposophics“.

Since August 2006, I am the principal of the music instrument making school in Mittenwald. Since 2008 I was also a guest lecturer in the study course musical instrument making several times. Currently I am also intensively engaged together with representatives of the German education Ministry in Bonn, the central associaton of German tradecraft as well as representatives of the department of culture to formulate a longterm new orientation of educational political goals for the musical instrument manufacturing trade.