„Esteem and respect are gained through deeds, not words“



Lectures Dr. Frederik Habel
2019-07 Synergetic power through interdisciplinary linking
2019-02 The life skill of own responsible actions
2018-07 Schooling as foundation for career functioning
2018-02 Coaching as holistic teaching approach
2017-07 Reflection and discussion in schooling
2017-02 The quality of silence
2016-07 Why music can not be digitalized
2016-02 Differentiation, specialization, perfectionism
2015-07 Two respectable systems for career success
2015-02 Thoughts on the depth of contemporary experiences
2014-07 The characteristic of values
2014-02 Thoughts on the factor of time
2013-07 Departure to the career top
2013-02 Diversity of career landscapes
2012-07 The newness is not as new as many think
2012-02 New roads to Rome
2011-07 Freedom means responsibility
2011-02 Tacit career as a role model
2010-07 The network of good relations
2010-02 Big achievements through small deeds
2009-07 The three basic skills for career success
2009-03 Thinking and steering
2009-02 The value of friends in the job
2008-07 The key to the career door
2008-02 Intrusion without losing vision
2007-07 The courage to change course
2007-02 The importance of sharing knowledge
2006-10 The elementary pillars of the school system

Since the contents of the above mentioned lectures refer to snapshots from the immediate working environment, they are not intended for download.